The story behind Llorando

“Crying” has always been my favorite song since I was very young and I’ve been singing it a cappella since 1993...over 10 years now. The song has brought so many wonderful opportunities as well as touched so many along the way. I wouldn’t be the same if I had not chosen to sing “Llorando”.

I remember the first time I sang it in Spanish. The lyrics resonated in my throat and for the first time in my singing career, I felt one with a song. It made me cry with sadness & joy because I had found a gem I could call my own. Although it had been covered by KD Lang and the late, great Roy Orbison, the Spanish version is no doubt my signature piece. I received my first recording contract on the basis of that one song.

It was written especially for me by the Venezuelan lyricist, Thania Sanz. I made sure that it was as close to the original as possible and still keeping with the rhythm of the song. I carefully monitored the integrity of the original version as it turned into a beautiful poem on its own. The result was almost a word for word rendition of an already perfect song. My voice was its vessel and I have been forever changed by the magic of this beautiful masterpiece.

The sad part about this is that every time I sing this song, especially the version from “Mulholland Drive”, I am crying inside, dying over a love lost and hanging on every word as if the experience happened yesterday... “then I saw you last night”... “you wished me well, you couldn’t tell”... “que estava Llorando”. It’s real when I sing it because the pain still lives inside of me.

When I met David that fateful morning I was not aware that he was recording my voice. I sang with all of my heart and soul and I left very shortly after. Little did I know that the recording would haunt David to the point of writing a special part in his then pilot, “Mulholland Drive”. It was such a thrill to receive the phone call from my faithful friend and agent, Brian Loucks at CAA while I was struggling in Nashville to say that David wanted me to fly to L.A. and film my part.

It was my first movie... my first trailer… my first 15 hour day on a set. Whew!!! Actors work really hard. I developed a whole new respect for the art and the actor. It was long hard work but I loved every minute of it.

When I heard that the pilot had been cancelled, my heart fell to the ground. I was not going to be the next Vonda Shepard to this fabulous, freaky series. Boohoo. But I was no stranger to loss/disappointment. My record was never released and I had to start all over again. And that I did…

So The Pilot grew up to be a Movie!!! And Rebekah Del Rio was in like Flint! I was going to be in my first Movie... just me and my pipes... not a band scene, or a passing by scene but me all by my lonesome singing my favorite song and crying and looking miserable. It was so exciting.

I was so thrilled the first time I saw the Movie. I sat next to David and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the screen or my mouth closed. I was so intrigued and frankly quite confused for even I, who was in the film, wasn’t exactly sure what the story was about. Honestly, I had to see it 6 times before I figured it out. I saw it in different theatres just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It is truly "a love story in the city of dreams"... dreams being the operative word here. I can’t give it away or my interpretation of it but I can say that it is so real and surreal at the same time... truly a masterpiece and one of my favorite David Lynch films.

When I was asked to go to the premiere, I was so incredibly nervous and elated all at the same time. This was my first release to the public and I was going to walk down the red carpet. I was in a real live movie. WOW!!! You can imagine how wonderful that was for a poor girl from Chula Vista. I had a marvelous time and I’ll never forget when David introduced me at the Q&A along side Laura Harring and Naomi Watts. I was so proud, not only for myself but for my people… for young single Moms, for Latinas, for Jewish women, for every singer who’s struggled. I bowed for all of us. Yo Lloro para todas!

I get countless requests for the lyrics to Llorando. I'm very sorry but for copyright reasons I'm not able to post or distribute the lyrics right now. When I am able to post them, I'll include them on this page. Thank you for understanding,

Love, Rebekah